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Slate Blue Color | ArtyClick My Details Color Palettes Slate Blue #5B7C99 Shades of Slate Blue #5A7B99 #506D88 #466076 #3C5266 #324455 #283644 #1E2933 #141B22 #0A0D11 #000000 Find more Tints of Slate Blue #5A7B99 #6888A4 #7795AF #87A3BB #99B1C6 #ABBFD1 #BECEDC #D3DEE8 #E8EEF3 #FFFFFF Find more Tones of Slate Blue #0982EB #1581DF #2280D2 #2E7FC5

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Descriptions of color can vary widely from supplier to supplier, but generally, roofing slate produced in North America falls under the general color descriptions of black, gray/black, gray, green, gray/green, purple, variegated purple, mottled purple/green, and red.

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About the color. Slate blue is a muted shade of purple with a grey tint to it. Paint manufacturers use the same color name for a different blue-grey hue. For example, this is how Benjamin Moore describes slate blue: "an easy-to-use blue with a good deal of gray, this classic color is reminiscent of the wonderfully weathered slate found along an age-old pathway".

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Slate blue is a color combination between light gray and a muted blue or periwinkle tone. This shade is often washed out and leans toward the cooler end of the color spectrum. Gentle and serene, this blue shade offers a sense of tranquility to the home.

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One of the reasons Slate Blue was able to clinch the title of top exterior paint color is its versatility—a must-have when it comes to most any paint color selection, whether interior or exterior, primary or accent. "We consider Slate Blue to be a 'neutral blue,' which means it pairs beautifully with many styles and plants," says Poppy.

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Find the right shade for your next home DIY project with Sherwin-Williams blue paint colors. Color. Blue Paint Colors. Azure Tide SW 9684 COLOR FAMILY Blue Paint Colors. Slate Tile SW 7624 @gregghomebuilding. Naval SW 6244 The Best Blue Hues From Bold to Blithe If you're hunting for that perfect blue to set the scene, from formal to laid.

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In a RGB color space, hex #6a5acd (also known as Slate blue) is composed of 41.6% red, 35.3% green and 80.4% blue. Whereas in a CMYK color space, it is composed of 48.3% cyan, 56.1% magenta, 0% yellow and 19.6% black.

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The hex code of Slate Blue is #5B7C99, which translates to an RGB decimal representation of 91, 124, 153. The RGB percentage equivalent of Slate Blue is 35.7%, 48.6%, 60%. In the world of print, the CMYK values of Slate Blue are 41, 19, 0, 40, providing the perfect formula for recreating this color using cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks.

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Light slate blue - This is a light, pale blue color that is perfect for creating a calming atmosphere. It pairs well with warm tones such as beige, tan, and cream. Medium slate blue - This mid-tone blue is an excellent choice if you want to create a modern style.

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Slate Blue 1648 Tinged with gray, this versatile blue-green is reminiscent of weathered slate. Shop Now LRV 43.21 Collection Benjamin Moore Classics® Also Known As CC-818 Get your own digital color dollop of Slate Blue 1648 Create My Dollop [object Object] Matching Colors Gray Mist 962 Add to Cart Shopping List Change Color Other Rustic Taupe 999

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Slate Blue (also called Blue Slate) is a calming and beautiful blue-gray color that's anything but simple or bland. And, thanks to its versatility, it's a terrific color to use in any home. I'm showing you all the ins and outs of slate blue as well as some real-life examples of how others use it in their homes. Let's dive in! Decorating With Blue

Slate Blue Envelopments

| Published on Apr 20, 2023 Reviewed by Katie Barton Stale blue is a blend of blue and gray tones. It offers a sense of calmness and tranquility. Slate blue is a subtle balance of cool and warm undertones. There's a wide range of complementary colors that go with slate blue.

"I like this deep slate blue. I think people are going for rich, robust colors now, and this

You can say the slate blue color is a combination of a muted blue and light gray, or it can be considered a lighter shade of periwinkle. Some would also define it as being a shade of gray, with blue undertones, which makes it a cool color to work with, while others might see it as a blue-gray.

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As slate is a mixed color with blue undertones, there are many shades that are more blue or purple in appearance, however traditionally, and especially in reference to the color of slate rock, slate is considered a gray shade.

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Benjamin Moore Slate Blue Undertones. This slate blue color has significant undertones that will vary widely depending on lighting and surrounding colors. At different times of the day, it will read more green or more gray. Also known as Early Morning CC-818, this color speaks to coastal water and sunny skies! green.

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[Open] What Color Is Slate Blue & What Does It Look Like? Slate blue is a beautiful blue color that is a subtle blend of blue and gray. It is described as a medium-toned blue that has a touch of gray added to it that makes it more muted and subdued.