Bunda Cliffs Nullarbor Roadhouse

Bunda Cliffs, Australia. 100km of unbroken cliffs opening onto the vast Nullarbor plain

Bunda Cliffs Koonalda Station, Surprisingly Remote Victims Of The Old Eyre Highway Ghosts Of The Past at Koonalda Station Nowhere to Hide No Escape From The Wind Rugged Coastlines and Crumbling Cliffs West of Nullarbor Roadhouse, you get up close and personal with the Great Australian Bight.

Bunda Cliffs Nullarbor Roadhouse

The Bunda Cliffs are also known as the Nullarbor Cliffs or the Nullarbor Coastal Cliffs. Where are the Bunda Cliffs Located? The Bunda Cliffs are located in Australia, they stretch several hundred kilometres along the southern coastline of the Nullarbor Plain in South Australia and Western Australia. Where do the Bunda Cliffs Start and Finish?

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The Bunda Cliffs are part of the limestone bedrock of the Nullarbor Plain, which is the largest single exposure of such foundation in the world. It covers an area of about 200, 000 square kilometres and is a 65-million-year-old former shallow seabed. This makes it one of the most unique geological features of the Far West Coast of South.

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The Nullarbor stretches across the southern edge of Australia between the goldfields of Western Australia and the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia . You can connect to this journey from Adelaide or Perth and drive west to east or east to west along the Eyre Highway.

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The Bunda Cliffs Lookout No. 2 overnight stay camping area is in a stunning location, featuring spectacular ocean views and located app. 110km west of Nullarbor Roadhouse on the westbound side of the Eyre Highway.This overnight rest and day use provides great views of the Bunda Cliffs, Whale watching opportunities, photo opportunities but has no facilities whatsoever meaning you will need to.

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Along the Great Australian Bight the Bunda Cliffs extend 200kms, between the Head of the Bight and the border with Western Australia. They are the southern edge of the limestone slab which forms the Nullarbor Plain and extends far inland.

From Miles Away Bunda Cliffs, Nullarbor, South Australia

Bunda Cliffs form the southern edge of the Nullarbor Plain which extends far inland. The white coloured base you see near the bottom of the cliff face is Wilson Bluff Limestone. This chalky material formed as part of an ancient seabed when Australia began to separate from Antarctica 65 million years ago.

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A fitting edge to a wonderful world: the Bunda Cliffs is where the Nullarbor plains meets the sea and the sky. It is a 200-kilometer long precipice that curves around The Great Australian Bight — with a limestone base, white as snow.

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The magnificent Bunda Cliffs extend approximately 100km along the Great Australian Bight from Border Village to the east of Head of Bight. The cliffs were formed when Australia separated from Antarctica approximately 65 million years ago and are made up of fossiliferous limestone called Wilson Limestone.

Bunda Cliffs Nullarbor Roadhouse

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Bunda Cliffs Nullarbor Roadhouse

The Bunda Cliffs were named by the local Aboriginal people, and are part of the world-renowned Nullarbor Plain. The Nullarbor Plain stretches for 200,000 squ.

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Another remarkable portion is the road that strikes a poker-straight route across the Nullarbor Plain, past the towering Bunda Cliffs and onto South Australia's endlessly epic Eyre Peninsula.

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For many travellers, visiting the Bunda Cliffs - located 20kms east of Nullarbor Roadhouse - makes them think about how Australia drifted away from Antarctica around 60 million years ago.

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Bunda Cliffs are a large section of the western end of the bight, still in South Australia, not too far from the Western Australia border. When crossing the Nullarbor, there are plenty of rest stops, car and truck parks to the side of the road, many of which will have a track that leaves the roadside parking area and heads over to the cliffs.

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The Bunda Cliffs, also known as the Nullarbor Cliffs, are a coastal scarp on the southern coast of Australia, extending from the western coast of South Australia to the south-eastern corner of Western Australia.