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As such, this dog combines great strength with agility and endurance. The Bouvier des Flandres is a compact, short-coupled dog, of square proportion and rugged appearance. The Bouvier's gait is free, bold, and proud. The weatherproof coat is tousled and double, with a fine undercoat and a harsh, dry outer coat.

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Bouviers des Flandres are famously large dogs, with some males of the breed reaching two and a half feet at the shoulders and weighing in at 120 pounds. The weight for the Bouvier typically varies between 60 and 80 pounds for females and a whopping 80 to 120 pounds for males. The height for the breed ranges from 22 to 28 inches at the withers.

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The exact origin of the Bouvier is in question. Originating in the agricultural plain of Flanders, Belgium, the breed was used mainly for herding and driving cattle. When the breed was first exhibited in Belgium in 1910, there were four varieties. Two years later, purists founded a group to standardize the breed into a single variety.

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The height as measured at the withers: Dogs, from 24 1/2 to 27 1/2 inches; bitches, from 23 1/2 to 26 1/2 inches. In each sex, the ideal height is the median of the two limits, i.e., 26 inches for a dog and 25 inches for a bitch. Any dog or bitch deviating from the minimum or maximum limits mentioned shall be severely penalized.

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A Belgian army vet, Captain Barbry helped the breed to survive after rescuing a Bouvier in the War, and later started a careful breeding programme with this dog. The Bouvier is a strong dog with a dense matt coat. He has shown his versatility in tracking, carting and as a guard dog. He was also used by the armed forces as an ambulance dog.

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About the Breed. They don't build 'em like this anymore. Burly and barrel-chested, the tousle-coated dog of Flandres is from a time and place where a dog had to work like '¦ well, a dog. These.

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Appearance. With a thick, heavy beard and mustache, naturally tousled-looking coat, and overall commanding presence, the Bouvier des Flandres makes quite the first impression. And that's on top of his staggering size— this large dog breed can weigh 70-110 pounds. Add in his shaggy eyebrows and triangular ears, and, as they say, it's a look .

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Make no mistake about it, the Bouvier des Flandres can be a pushy, strong-willed dog who requires a confident owner, especially during the challenging adolescent period. This is not a breed for first-time or passive owners. If you want a dog who. Is large, rugged, and shaggy. Carries himself with a dignified, impressive presence.

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Dog ( domestic dog) The Bouvier des Flandres is a herding dog breed originating in Flanders, Belgium. They were originally used for general farm work including cattle droving, sheep herding, and cart pulling, and nowadays as guard dogs and police dogs, as well as being kept as pets. The French name of the breed means, literally, "Cow Herder of.

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The Bouvier des Flandres is a large herding breed from Belgium with a sturdy body to pair with its wiry fur, floppy ears, bearded face, and fluffy appearance. This confident, powerful dog is an expert at putting its size and intelligence to work. The breed's beard is one of its most recognizable features. In fact, the Bouvier's Dutch nickname.

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Bouvier des Flandres means cow herder from Flanders. No one is certain, but the breed may have resulted from crossing the griffon and the beauceron. During World War I, the Bouvier was used for rescuing and carrying messages. Many of the dogs were lost in duty, Flanders was largely destroyed, and the breed nearly became extinct.

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The French name "Bouvier" translates to "cattle herder," a testament to their primary function in this agrarian landscape. The breed's development was a fusion of local herding dogs, potentially influenced by larger breeds like Mastiffs and Irish Wolfhounds, resulting in the robust and versatile Bouvier des Flandres we know today.. Bouviers lived up to expectations and earned their keep on the.

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The Bouvier des Flandres has a fine, soft undercoat and a very coarse, dense outer coat that is resistant to the elements. Their hair is particularly thick around the beard and eyebrows. Bouvier des Flandres can be found in black, blonde, fawn, salt and pepper, gray, and brindle. They need to be brushed weekly to remove dead hair and prevent.

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Find Bouvier des Flandres puppies for saleNear Colorado. A versatile breed with a strong work ethic, the Bouvier des Flandres is affectionate and watchful. With consistent exercise and proper socialization, this breed is quite calm and even-tempered. Learn more.

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The Bouvier des Flandres (often shortened to Bouvier) is a large and powerful breed from the Herding Group, with a tousled harsh coat. These rugged-looking dogs were first developed for herding.

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The character of a Bouvier. The Bouvier Des Flandres is a practical, no-nonsense working breed, developed by farmers in the Flandres region. Bred to withstand a cold harsh climate and the rigours of an all-purpose farm dog. The word "Bouvier" simply relates to cattle work. However, the Bouvier Des Flandres was expected to be a lot more.